• Advantages

    High Quality

    “Offering top quality services is extremely important for us. That's why we look for quality on every step of our work process – choosing topics, preparing materials, selecting trainers, organizing events and etc.”

    Great Experience

    “The team of OnTarget gained its experience over the years working on important projects with significant clients and key partners.”


    “We always offer cost effective solutions – high quality services on a reasonable price. That is the reason why the most of our clients are permanent ones.”

    Excellent Results

    “The final result after a training is as important as the organization before. Our goal is all participants to gain knowledge, practical experience and to achieve excellent results in their real work after that.”

Company profile

We use a unique model to deliver: innovative trainings, experienced speakers, excellent organization and valuable results on a reasonable price.

OnTarget is a training company with a new vision on how to deliver quality training services. The company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. OnTarget relies on its partners across Europe and the United States to access its clients, to provide high-level trainings and to connect with famous speakers with a great expertise in IT and business area.

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Company achievements

Among our achievements are: setuping the first Microsoft and Java international conferences in Eastern Europe, organizing many seminars, on-site trainings and free initiatives.

In 2009 we set up Java2Days - a brand new event in Eastern Europe to present the latest trends in Java development along with EventsOnTarget.

In 2006 we made DevReach happen in organizing the first Microsoft technologies conference in Eastern Europe – DevReach as a partner of NASD and Telerik.

For all these years we gain valuable partnerships with key companies like: Oracle, IBM, VMware, SAP Labs and etc.