• Professional Trainings

    We organize trainings for professionals in software technologies and management according to the latest trends. That’s why many professionals choose OnTarget training that makes them more effective immediately upon returning to work.

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  • Custom Trainings

    OnTarget is specialized in delivering custom  trainings for corporate clients. Our goals when preparing such a course are to sync the training content with our client’s needs, work process and the expected final results.

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  • Events

    Like a company which provides only high quality trainings lead of great international lecturers we take part in many events and free initiatives. We have no limits about events that we take part in - our goal is just to to share our experience.

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Other services

Team selection & development

We have experience both in current team development and in creating entirely new teams fitting all clients’ requirements, environment and work process.


OnTarget operates as a Prometric testing center and offers the possibility for all IT professionals to make an exam and get certificate from world famous vendors.

Team building

We have unique ideas and knowledge base to create team building events. Great experience and business results are guaranteed.

Team asessment

Our HR experts use special methods and process to make both a full team assessment and a plan for further team development.

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